Export Custom Regulations

In order for us here at Schumacher Cargo Logistics and our worldwide network of agents to assist you with local custom clearance for your shipment, please read the custom documents for your respective country carefully.

Australian B534 (PDF)

German Customs Form (PDF)

Ireland C&E 1076 (PDF)

Ireland TOR1 (PDF)

NZ Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration NZCS-218 (PDF)

NZ MAF SUPP Declaration (PDF)

NZ MPI & ITF Schedule July 2023 (PDF)


For Shipments clearing via Rotterdam consolidation for European destinations and in order to obtain a tax free entry, your customer will be required to obtain and provide the following for the destination agent.

-Proof of residency at destination / local town hall registration.

-Proof of living in the US for past 6 months (Employment contract / utility bills).

-Customs declaration to be issued by destination agent


* When Booking, Please Email In The Appropriate Customs Form Along With Your Clients Passport Picture Page.