About Schumacher Consolidation Services

Who are our Key Account Managers?

Schumacher Consolidation Services provides Relocation & RCM service levels for small overseas sized Household Goods Moves. Schumacher Consolidation Services is a member of Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc. a California corporation, established January 2000.

Operating our own secured warehouse locations at ports New York & Los Angeles, we maintain the most secure, on time, industry leading handling and servicing to each shipment under our care. Our overseas destination service providers are all recognized FIDI/FAIM certified, held as industry leaders in their respective countries.

We are here to represent your small overseas moves when time, efficiency, service is a top priority!

Martyn Cohen

Born in Leeds, United Kingdom, Martyn entered his moving career at Schumacher back in 2002 as a sales representative. Fast becoming Export Manager. Martyn uses his kind, positive and professional industry knowledge to assist all aspects of the company. With over 18 years expertise in the moving industry, Martyn has on hand experience handling international moving shipments at all service levels.

Martyn is now using his experiences at a highest-level servicing Relocation and RCM customers’ overseas shipping requirements.

Email: mc@sclusa.com Tel: 562 408-6677 Ext 210

Mark Novoselitsky

Mark started his Moving career in Auckland, New Zealand back in 1994 with Allied Movers. Mark then moved to Melbourne, Australia to become branch manager for a recognized local moving company. In 2006 Mark relocated from Melbourne to The USA to become New York Branch Manager for Schumacher Cargo Logistics, where Mark expanded from a small office to over 50 people strong at the companies 2nd largest owned location.

Mark recently moved to Los Angeles to spearhead along with Martyn Cohen our newest brand, Schumacher Consolidation.

Email: mark@sclusa.com Tel: 562 408-6677 Ext 500

Angela McKenna

Angela has been a lead move coordinator at Schumacher Cargo Logistics for over 7 years. Angela services VIP/Corporate/Diplomatic customers with her caring, always professional and friendly personality to give comfort to the most of challenging of clientele. Angela recently completed FIDI EiM seminar in Prague, to further expand her understating how to better service our Schumacher Consolidation customers.


Email: angelam@sclusa.com Tel: 562 408-6677 Ext 247

Carol Spierin

Carol joined Schumacher Cargo Logistics as New York General Manager in November 2019.  Born in Ireland, Carol has lived and worked in Australia, Spain and the Czech Republic, Carol brings a global perspective to our VIP Consolidation Shipment team. Carol has a strong relocation move management background and has held leadership positions in operations, client relations, network management and quality/process management, thought leadership for 2 major RMC’s who service some of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Carol is proficient in creating large scale relocation programs along with smaller tailored programs specifically designed for high-growth and emerging industries.

Email: carols@sclusa.com Tel: 562 408-6677 Ext 529

Together Martyn, Mark & Angela & Carol have over 70 years handling International moving of household shipments around the world. They are now taking on the role as Consolidation Shipment leaders in our ever-changing fast paged, Lump Sum Moving industry.