About Schumacher Consolidation Services

Who are our Key Account Managers?

Schumacher Consolidation Services provides Relocation & RCM service levels for small overseas sized Household Goods Moves. Schumacher Consolidation Services is a member of Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc. a California corporation, established January 2000.

Operating our own secured warehouse locations at ports New York & Los Angeles, we maintain the most secure, on time, industry leading handling and servicing to each shipment under our care. Our overseas destination service providers are all recognized FIDI/FAIM certified, held as industry leaders in their respective countries.

We are here to represent your small overseas moves when time, efficiency, service is a top priority!

Robert Lonek

Over 47 years of Domestic & International Relocation Services

Office & Industrial Moving

Records Management

Hotel & Resort Installation


In my role as a Consultant over the past 11 years with Schumacher, I have followed consistent execution of policies, standards and practices that have provided significant quality of service to a variety of clientele through our international services.  We have benefited as a company by many repeat clients & numerous referrals.


I pride myself in quick response and follow up to all our clientele & look to offering the same to your company.

Email: bob@sclusa.com Tel: 908 615-2022 Ext 2022

Benjamin Murray

Dawne Harris

Dawne is originally from Missouri, but currently lives in Kansas with her husband, Herb of 20 years, two lovely daughters, Harlee and Kaysee and their puppy Cujo. Dawne has been with Schumacher Cargo Logistics for the past year and a half.  She is a very valuable team member as she comes with more than 17 years’ experience in the Relocation and Moving industry. Dawne’s previous experiences includes roles such as Purchasing Manager, Accounts Payable Manager and Move Manager for a major prominent RMC with expertise in relocating clients to/from Mexico, South and Central America. She has managed many high-profile accounts and has also assisted with FIDI implementations and audits throughout the years.

Fun fact about Dawne:   

Dawne holds the record in one of her previous employments for being the only person that had 0% invoice rejection for submitted invoices, a testament to her attention to details.


Email: dawneh@sclusa.com Tel: 908 615-2010 Ext 2010

We are delighted to bring both Robert and Dawne together to this program, with their combined industry experience, they will yield and achieve very positive results.


To connect directly with Dawne,  Email Dawne Harris dawneh@sclusa.com –  Direct: 908 615 2010
To connect directly with  Robert and his team, Email bob@sclusa.com – Direct 908 615 2022