Accessorial Descriptions

Whilst representing you as the booking party, It is our aim to offer the best possible service and experience for your customer with their move overseas.

Above and beyond the port to door services offered here, we are able to assist you the booking party with additional services should the need arise.

The additional services that are available for purchase with the port to door booking are as follows:

Warehouse Services

Should you chose to have your local warehouse deliver your customers goods to one of our facilities and require the need to have the goods loaded in a lift van for safety or palletized for easy handling, we are able to offer the following options:

-Purchase of a standard type 2 lift Van, ISPM stamped-$75.00 per Lift Van

-Stuffing and marking of the Lift Van with prepacked goods $45.00.

If your customer is looking to deliver their goods directly to our warehouse and require a packing service, including inventory and labelling for customs. This can be offered at $3.00 per cubic foot with a $150.00 minimum.


Both the Los Angeles and New York warehouses have fully equipped woodwork shops and offer custom crating as required. All lumber used is HTKD and ISPM 15 marked to meet international shipping requirements.

Customs crates can be order and purchased at $12.00 per cuft ($120.00 min. Charge).


The above services can be scheduled at the time of booking through our booking page.